Benefits of Bringing on a Consultant

Every business wants to run as efficiently as possible and ensure their departments’ work aligns with the overall strategy – laboratories and healthcare systems are no different.

For labs and health systems who want to ensure that their lab is firing on all cylinders to contribute to the overall goals of their organization, working with an outside team can be incredibly effective. Improving efficiency and productivity, capturing growth opportunities, and exploring potential joint ventures are best conducted with an experienced team that has a strong hold on best practices and a track record of success with similar organizations.

If you’ve been going back and forth about whether bringing on a consultant is the right choice for your organization, here are a few benefits to consider. 



By their nature, consultants are “outsiders”. This is a good thing. 

More often than not, the biggest hurdle for companies is being able to objectively look at their processes and procedures to identify opportunities or even general room for improvement. It’s difficult to look at something you work on every day with a fresh perspective, and that’s where an experienced team can recognize patterns and identify opportunities. 



Being able to learn on-the-go is an important skill to have, but so is knowing when to ask for help. Time is always of the essence in our industry, and that’s more true than ever given the current circumstances. Rather than waste precious time or capital trying to learn how to launch a new initiative for the first time, let alone do it well, let an expert lend their experience to get the ball rolling for you. 



Reputable, qualified consultants should, needless to say, have a wide range of experience spanning a tenure that will be able to address all of the questions or concerns you and your organization may have. As such, they’ve likely seen a thing or two. 

Since founding Nichols Management Group in 1988, David Nichols has been fundamental in identifying, negotiating and closing acquisitions worth over $1 Billion and launching start-ups worth almost $500 million. Today, NMG is the only laboratory consulting group in the industry that has remained under the same ownership for such a length of time. This experience gives us both a strategic advantage and wealth of knowledge that we can apply to other companies looking to expand their organizations.



Ideally, consultants offer a full suite of services, allowing you (and their other clients) to address a full scope of work and range of needs with one contract. Our services brochure includes everything from strategic planning to mergers and acquisitions, lab management and cost savings. By offering this concierge service, we’re able to anticipate client needs long-term and cultivate relationships where our partners know they can call upon as they need to. 

At the end of the day, consultants exist to help you better your business and position you and your team for success within your division, organization, and market.