Reopening Schools in the COVID-19 Era


The emergence of the COVID-19 has altered nearly every aspect of society as we work to contain
the spread. In most parts of the country, restaurants have been shuttered, events cancelled,
and face masks became a part of daily wardrobes. Yet despite collective efforts, confirmed
cases of the virus have continued to grow with more than 10.2mm global infections and 2.6mm,
or almost 26%, of the infections occurring in the United States (the actual number is likely much
higher with many countries suspected of either accidentally or purposefully under reporting
case numbers).

The education systems in the U.S. have a uniquely high number of obstacles to consider before
re-opening. More than 77 million students are enrolled in US schools, amounting to almost 25%
of the population, and it is a necessity that they return to classes in the Fall. To accomplish this,
school systems will require carefully planned operational precautions, budgetary
considerations, and a huge effort by administrators and teachers to adjust their teaching

We've been outspoken about the need for labs to adjust strategies as the healthcare system adapts to our new reality, and we're grateful to be able to lend our expertise to campuses looking to pivot their own strategies. Our experts, in combination with our experiences managing laboratories dealing with COVID-19, have created an analysis of capabilities, platforms, strategies, and risks for campus executives and leaders to help you understand the considerations you should be making related to your campuses COVID-19 strategy.

Download the guide here.